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Sharpen Your Instruments
Many older instruments laying forgotten in the various drawers and cabinets around your office may still be perfectly good, but you have grown frustrated with trying to sharpen them. For example, there is that old pair of scissors that can barely cut paper, let alone sutures, crowns, or tissue. Instruments like this can be saved.

Zoll-Dental offers a full resharpening service. As with our retipping service, Zoll-Dental will inspect the instruments you send to us, and any instruments that are deemed salvageable will be resharpened. If an instrument cannot be resharpened, then it can either be retipped or scrapped, whichever you prefer.

Zoll-Dental can also repair springs on rongeurs, recarbide needle holders, and serrate forceps as part of our service program. At Zoll-Dental we don't want to just sell you new instruments. We also want to help you to take care of the instruments you already have.

Zoll-Dental's resharpening service is just another way that Zoll-Dental can save you money while ensuring that you have the best possible instruments with which to perform your procedures.

Resharpening: Pricing & Instructions


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